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Looking out over Edinburgh

Simone’s First Impression Scotland is a place that I have always wanted to visit.  My grandfather was born there and I always felt the desire to visit.  We arrived in Edinburgh and were immediately intrigued.  Our Air B&B apartment is just steps from the royal mile in the heart of the old town.  An amazing location and a beautifully renovated place, we are only the third guests.  We were welcomed with a bottle of wine, box of chocolates and Continue Reading

We originally went to Indonesia planning to visit several islands, but we fell in love with Bali and spent all three weeks there.  We started with a couple of nights on the beach in Sanur and visited the temples of the south before heading to Ubud.  After Ubud we went North and then across the top to the east coast where Jason did a few SCUBA dives.  From there we spent a night at the Bali Safari Park, a present from Simone’s dad.  Our last week was spent back in Ubud eating amazing food, visiting schools, and getting to know the locals.  We had a great driver who showed us some lesser known temples as well as some of the big ones.  We absolutely loved the people, the culture and the food of Bali.  Its high on our list of places to return and although it gets mixed reviews, we say go!  Just try to get off the beaten path and see some of the lesser known areas.  You can find all of our posts on Bali HERE and be sure to check out our 10 Tips for Visiting Bali.

This month we find out more about world travelers Talon and his son.  Talon’s website, One Dad, One Kid is full of honest posts about traveling.  We often stop by his website before heading to our next destination to see what kind of advice we can find.  His story is inspirational and we encourage you all to check out the website here and find them on Facebook here

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Talon’s Son Diving with a Shark

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A Sleepy Koala

A Sleepy Koala

We spent nearly 3 months traveling around Australia and saw a lot!  There were things we really liked about Australia (animals and friends) and things that we hated (the heat and the long drives).  We started in Cairns on the East Coast and continued North to Port Douglas where Jason dove the great barrier reef.  We had some trouble with our first camper van and you can read about the hassle here.  From Port Douglas we headed south all the way down the coast to Melbourne.  We honestly wouldn’t recommend it!  We would have been better off taking some flights and skipping some of the boring stretches.  From Melbourne we took in the great ocean road for a couple of nights before flying to Tasmania for a week.  We hopped around a bit, heading back to Sydney for Christmas before flying to Perth on the West Coast.  We had a 2.5 week house sit just outside of Perth and then spent our last couple of weeks traveling north up the coast, stopping just shy of Exmouth.  The animals of Australia were by far the highlight for us!  We saw koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and wallabys.  Simone even got to feed a wild dolphin!  Read all about where were stopped and where you can spot the wildlife here.