Trip Expenses

The majority of January was spent on the West Coast of Australia with the last 3 days of the month spent in Bali, Indonesia.  Transportation this month included flights to Bali as well as a 10 day car rental in Australia plus fuel and parking fees as always.  Accommodations and food were lower this month as we spent the first 19 days doing a housesit outside of Perth and ate almost every meal in.  We spent over $50US sending a package home of some odds and ends and clothes we no longer needed.  We did end up buying an internet card for the IPad in Australia for just under $30 since we were having trouble connecting in so many places.  This month saw lots of activities!  We visited several national parks, took a Prison Tunnels Tour, did some sailing, saw a movie and toured some temples in Bali.  This month we also spent $369US getting our Chinese visas, although this is not included in our monthly or daily totals.

January Travel Expenses USD
Transportation (Gas, parking, Driver, Car)


Accommodations  (Cabins, Air B&B, Hotels)








Other (Post Office/Packages home, Sun Hat, Visa Bali)


Necessities (Internet, Visa Copies, locks, sunscreen, converter)


Activities (Parks, Tunnels, Monkey Mia, Sunset/Wildlife Sails, Movie, Temples)


Daily total for January 129.86, not bad for Australia

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

We spent just under 3 months in Australia and crammed in a lot.  We started in Port Douglas and made our way down the east coast all the way to Melbourne.  We spent a few days on the Great Ocean Road before heading to Tasmania.  After Tasmania we spent two weeks in the Sydney area before heading to the West Coast for nearly a month.  We learned a lot and Continue Reading

Animals, Animals, Animals!!  As we gear up to leave Australia after 3 months, we thought we would leave you with  some of the amazing wildlife we have seen along the way.  This is just a sampling of what we have seen and definitely our favorite part of Australia.   Unfortunately we missed some of the more elusive animals like wombats and platypus.   Thankfully though we didn’t come across any poisonous snakes or salt water crocodiles!  Enjoy!  Drop us a line if want to know where we found them!

White Cockatoo

White Cockatoo

Continue Reading


The Australian Coast

The Australian Coast

After leaving our housesit in Perth we spent 8 days traveling up the west coast and back down to Perth.  Our first stop was Kalbarri for 2 nights.  We were hoping to see a little more of the National Park, but the hot weather didn’t allow that.  We did drive into the park, stepped out the car briefly to see the views.  We spent a little more time on the Coastal cliff sections of the park  Continue Reading











We spent 2.5 weeks house sitting two great dogs near Perth.  While we were there we took several day trips.  We would have liked to do more, but it was just too hot most days.  Here are some of our highlights from the area:

Pinnacles-Our first day trip was 2.5 hours up to Nambung National Park.  The park contains thousands of Continue Reading