london tube

We had a nice time hanging out with our friends in London and taking in some of the sites, which you can read more about Here. London was an extremely busy city with all of the tourists roaming around to see the sites as well as the locals going to and from work which made for a very crowded experience.  Getting around the city is made easy thanks to Continue Reading

The View Of Tower Bridge From The Shard In London

The View Of Tower Bridge From The Shard In London

The people you meet while traveling might just be the greatest reward.  The main reason we came to England was to visit friends we had met throughout our journey.  First stop was in Arundel, south of London near Brighton, to visit our friends Dan and Lilly.  Jason had met the couple while SCUBA diving in Fiji and then we met up with then a few months later in Continue Reading


The Crowded Walking Streets Of Brighton

Simone’s First Impression:

WOW there are a lot of people here!  What a change from the empty roads of Scotland.  As soon as we crossed the border on the motorway there were cars everywhere and really fast drivers.  It almost feels as though we are back in the US.  It was so busy that we were not able to find a place to stay in the first town we tried.  Luckily we found an amazing B&B just outside of Continue Reading