Conroy's Old Bar

Conroy’s Old Bar

After 13 months of constant travel we have stayed in some pretty nice places; great B&B’s, ocean front resorts, cozy apartments and more but our favorite accommodation has to be this one.  Before we left the USA we stumbled upon a cool place on Air B&B, an old pub in Ireland that had been converted to a self-catering apartment. We put it on our wish list and were excited to work it into our Ireland Route.

Conroy’s Old Bar is such a unique place.  From the minute we entered we felt as if we were in a working pub, only we weren’t!  Continue Reading


Cooks Beach from Shakespeaer's Cliff

Cooks Beach from Shakespeare’s Cliff

As we traveled south towards Cooks Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, we were amazed at how much the scenery reminded us of home.  At points it appeared we were driving from Napa to Bodega Bay, only on the other side of the road!  The green hills, different birds and endless grazing cows made for a beautiful drive.  We arrived in Cooks Beach, a small beach community on the Continue Reading


Jason’s First Impression:

When you leave the comfort of your home for an adventure like traveling around the world, you expect to see new and exciting things.  From the moment we got into the cab and began driving through Vancouver, it was as if we had never left home.  I felt like we were just driving through downtown San Francisco.  Maybe it felt like that because we had arrived just days before the gay pride celebration was to begin and there were decorations lining the streets.  Or maybe it was the similar look and feel with the small markets, waterways, boats, and parks.  It could have been the traffic, one way streets, cabs, buses and limited parking.  Either way, it felt like I hadn’t left S.F., but I was eager to explore what was in front of me.


Simone’s First Impression:

My opinion may be a little jaded due to a hotel mishap when we arrived in Vancouver.  After a smooth plane ride and fairly easy customs entry we took a taxi into downtown.  Originally we were going to take public transit into town, but after traveling all morning we wanted to quickly get to the hotel and get some lunch! The taxi ride was interesting and seemed to be prepping us for rides we may encounter in other countries.  The driver was talking on his cell phone almost the entire 30 minute ride in a language we never quite figured out while constantly hitting the brake then the gas, causing me to feel as though I was on a mechanical bull!  I was very thankful when we finally reached our hotel, the Landis.  We entered the hotel only to be greeted with, “we have moved you to another hotel.”  Unsure as to what this meant I was not happy!  Since we were meeting Jays parents who were arriving several hours later and since we didn’t have cell phones to communicate with them this had the potential to be a disaster.  The man at the desk assured us the next place was even better and that we would be well taken care of.  We waited for a courtesy shuttle to take us a couple blocks over.  The new place ended up being a corporate apartment building not a hotel, it was large and had 3 balconies overlooking the city and 2 bridges.  It also ended up being right in the middle of 2 high-rise construction projects!  So far first impressions not great…stay tuned to see if 2 days in Vancouver changes my impression!  First impression 1.5 stars

lake tahoe blogWith winter coming to an end, we decided to head up to Lake Tahoe for the weekend for one last look at the snow, some relaxing and enjoying of the crisp fresh air.  With a call into one of our preferred hotels, the 968 Park Hotel, reservations were confirmed and we were on the road.  968 Park was stripped of it’s former self and turned into a “green” hotel that gives you that relaxed feeling  you desire when away from home.  The twenty percent discount for return guests doesn’t hurt either.

The only playing in the snow this trip was going up to the base of the mountain to watch some of the moguls competition. In fact we just took a couple drives, did a little hiking around Eagle Falls on the west side of the lake by Emerald Bay, did some reading and searched for some good food and drinks near the hotel.  Search is exactly what we did too.  South Lake Tahoe is not the best place for two foodies to go unless those two people bring their own food and get a place with a kitchen.  We chose to just bring some snacks and a few beers in the ice chest, with the intention of venturing out to see what we could find, which ended up being a mistake.  Being from Napa, we thought we would try the local wine bar that had amazing reviews on yelp, serving both wine and small bites, to see what all the fuss was about.  Oh boy, do some people need help in experiencing good food!  I’m hoping that the reviews were for the wine and service which were both good, because the food was nothing short of what you could get in the frozen food section of your local grocery store and stick in the microwave.  The only bright spot in town for food  this trip was the always consistent Driftwood Cafe which was across the street from our hotel by the entrance to Heavenly and happened to be working with the hotel and providing a discount for guests which was appreciated.

We did however, find some good wine at the hotels free wine tasting on Friday night with guest vineyard  Too Good winery from El Dorado County  that poured consistently  good wines.    Good beer was flowing from the taps and amazing music from Helena and The Bear is what kept us in the lobby Saturday night.  With the exception of Lindsay Lohan’s annoying twin as the bartender, it was a great night full of laughter and acoustic covers of songs in a way we did not know was possible.   In the end, it was another successful weekend getaway to recharge the batteries in the beautiful Sierras that we are so fortunate to live close to.