Travel Tips

Holland America

The Prinsendam Holland America Line

We added a last minute destination to our Round the World list when a great deal on a Holland America cruise popped up.  We had both wanted to visit Norway, but the high cost of the country had deterred us from adding it to our original list.  When the cruise came in at just under $100 per person per day we decided to go for it.  We were excited about the unusual itinerary that the small ship would sail.  In a country where a hamburger costs $30 USD we decided a cruise was the best way to see the beautiful country of Norway. Continue Reading

Italian Food

A Plate of Italian Snacks

Research the Foods-You wouldn’t expect to have the best jambalaya in Montana or spectacular southern bbQ in Oregon.  The same goes for Italy.   Certain regions and cities are known for certain dishes like pizza in Naples and Pesto in Genoa.  Having these items outside of these areas is possible, but they may not be that good! Continue Reading

vietnamese motorbike scam

Things were less than great in Ho Chi Min City, so we moved on to Mui Ne. A four hour bus ride and 12 bucks a piece later, we arrived to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that every beach town has…right?  Wrong.  We thought we had left most of the honking horns and taxis of the city behind.  This apparently was wishful thinking.  Mui Ne is a Russian tourist destination full of taxis constantly driving down the street honking their horns to see if you need a ride.  As you walk down the street listening to the taxi drivers trying to woo you with their charmful horns, you also get to experience Continue Reading

The external hard drive from hell

The external hard drive from hell

I think the title of this post says it all, but I will painfully tell you how I may have lost almost all of our photos that we took over the past six months during our once in a lifetime trip around the world. I knew better than to Continue Reading

Beautiful Bali

Beautiful Bali

Ten Tips To Help You Travel In Bali:

1)  Hire a driver:  This one is a must if you can afford the $50-$60 (or around 600,000 rupiah) per day.  You can get one for less, but they may not have seat belts, A/C,  join you in the temples or tell you much about the history.  Make sure they speak your language or you speak theirs.  If you have your heart set on Continue Reading