One last look at our house as we drive away.

It’s official, we’re bums!  We are now unemployed, homeless, and happy about it, although I’m sure our parents are a little stressed, but they should be used to it by now.  Several weeks ago, we both put in our last day of work and began preparation for our Around the World Trip  . We put our most prized possessions in storage, sold Jason’s two trucks, had a yard sale to get rid of all the things we thought we needed, handed over the keys to our landlord and drove off with our backpacks to go store Simone’s  car.  As this is being typed, we are sitting in San Francisco International Airport waiting to board our flight to Vancouver where we will meet up with Jay’s parents, do a little sight seeing and board a cruise ship for Alaska!  Stay tuned for more to come from Alaska as we kick off our trip of a lifetime.

We would like thank everyone that had a part in making our moving experience a great one, even those we don’t know  that came to our yard sale and purchased the stuff they couldn’t live without.  We will miss Napa and all of our friends that we have made there.  We love you all and we will be back at some point for a glass of wine, a beer and a block of  cheese to enjoy as tales are told from around the globe.