4 comments on “Exploring the areas around Perth

  1. Too bad it was so hot, puts a dmper on your perspective. When I was there the weather was really nice..maybe Nov?

  2. Out of curiosity and a desire to someday duplicate your amazing travels, I must know if you knew the people you dog sat for or if it was a chance encounter via craigslist or something like that? 2.5 weeks to pet sit & I assume house sit sounds like a great way to get free room & board!

    I love checking in on you guys. I’m so envious but hope that once the kids are grown we can follow in your footsteps!

    • Hey Renee! Housesitting is amazing. We learned about it from a fellow travel blogger. There are actually housesitting sites out there, you fill out a profile similar to a dating site and then apply for gigs when one comes up that sounds interesting. THe sites we have used are housecarers.com and trustedhousesitters.com

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