9 comments on “How I may have lost almost all of our photos that we took over the past six months

    • Nice analogy mom. Yes, we can get the ones off the blog, but they have the watermark on them. A lesson learned…the hard way!

  1. Wow, we feel so sorry for you guys! And we kept thinking we were crazy to copy them over and over and even upload them to Dropbox..

    We hope it’s only the disk driver that failed, since you were not able to run data recovery software? In that case, you should bring it to a data recovery shop. They’ll replace the disk driver and in this way the actual data is saved.

    By the way: It does not give you the photos back, but when you are back, the best memories will be in your head, and not a single photo can beat that.

    Safe travels!

  2. I recommend backblaze.com if you have mostly reliable internet. It’s only $5 per month per computer and encrypts your backups. Also with the two drives, you can just plug them both in and create a RAID1 volume (easy to do in OS X or Windows). That way all writes are always mirrored and you don’t have to manually copy one drive to the other. This doesn’t help with recovery of course but will against future losses.

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