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    • The compression sacks are great! We have had to check our bags on Virgin Australia and Jet Star flights since they go by weight, not just size. Really frustrating! Our packs are just over 11kg. What do your bags weigh Kerri?

  2. I’m sorry Simone, I have to say this… ‘HOLY SHIT!’ That is amazing!

    I have used stuff sacks before camping long term in Aus, but some of those travel packs are great. Really will look into those.

    I was just saying to Jodie that the travel clothes make all the difference, lightweight, durable and so flexible in terms of wearing in different climates and environments. That is our next lot of purchases… actual travel clothes, not normal clothes.

    We are looking at the Osprey backpacks ourselves, but were headed for the 80L ones… maybe after seeing this now I will be guilted into just a 40L one!! 😉

    Thanks so much for taking the photos too for this post. As a very visual person, I can read a list of things and get a general gist, but actually seeing the photos of the stuff you have it made all the difference.

    I am now getting Jodie to look at this post… I think it might shift some thinking for her!! LOL

    Thanks again Simone and nice work!

    See you in our House Sitting World group 😀

    Nat x

    • Hey Nat! Glad you liked the post. Im a visual person as well, so pictures are the way to go! I agree that travel clothes make all the difference. For a longterm trip where you are living out of a backpack and doing laundry in the sink theres no other way! I would seriously reconsider to 80L! Its the weight more than anything. You will pack it full no matter the size and that means more weight! More weight on your back in 110F heat in Asia and climbing flights of stairs in Europe will make you wish you chose a smaller pack. Not to mention the outrageous fees airlines are charging for bags these day! Best of luck paring down your items.

  3. Thanks so much for the packing lists! I’ve traveled for 3 months before, but never a year, and wondered abt packing for different climates. This was very helpful. Were there any things you brought that you found you didn’t need? And things you didn’t bring that you wish you had? It looked like you were going to write about that, but I haven’t found it yet. Also, I saw that you brought traveler’s checks. How did that work out? I brought them to Europe on my 3 month trip 6 years ago and places said they weren’t cashing them anymore. Had to end up using just ATM’s and credit cards and paying fees…

    • The only things I had to buy after we left were a sun hat and a pair of slippers! We packed really well and were happy with everything we brought. I did pick up a dress about 6 months in and a t-shirt in Bali. We sent quite a bit home, so if anything we brought too much! After leaving the cold in New Zealand we sent home things we wouldn’t need. Glad we kept some warm clothes since we ended up in Norway! I would say I could have cut down the pants and long sleeve shirts. We were really happy with all the quick dry items and nearly 14 months later we are still wearing all the same clothes. No one can believe how well they have held up!

      Travelers checks were a bit of a pain! We cashed them mostly in Australia and New Zealand. Most countries wont accept them and those that do are only accepted at certain banks. The cash and travelers checks we brought lasted us for nearly 10 months! We tried to use mainly our credit cards for airline points. The first time we have to use an ATM was in Italy. We wish we would have found a bank with no ATM fees though since we did have to pull more cash than we expected in Europe.

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