7 comments on “RTW Expenses: Month 2 in New Zealand

  1. I have so enjoyed your stay here in NZ. $271 in alchol and 0 in souvenirs someone has their priorities correct! NZ looks beautiful it reminds me very much of Scotland so I think I could live there but it would have to have the weather of CA. Looking forward to the next stage of your travels.

    • Well, gas was between $2.20-$3.20 a liter. So it actually comes out to between $8 & $9 per gallon. It was expensive, but we did have a wonderful time and definitely recommend travel by campervan.

  2. Hola My Favorite Traveling Great People,

    I love the pictures and the supporting commentary. Its really cool to be watching you two from afar truly live the dream. Stay patient and enjoy every moment that you are able to gain exposure too. I love the fact that you guys are getting out in the rain, if it makes nature grow I can only imagine what it is doing to you both. Keep being great people and dont let anything stand in your way of your paths. I am completely honored to know you both!!!!!

    Love and Respect Always!

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