9 comments on “RTW Expenses: What did September in New Zealand Cost?

  1. Wow, good job….my household bills alone are more, not including the house payment. Good to you for doing this.

    • The housesitting definitely helped offset costs! Stay tuned for next month when we travel around the South Island. We expect a dramatic difference in the monthly total!

  2. Hello S &J! Liked looking at your budget but we see a couple of glaring flaws…

    1) $186 in alcohol? We spend more than that in a weekend together!

    2) Jason is using a map?

    3) Postage should be $0 because we haven’t been posted!

    4) ACTIVITIES? How long did the activity last for $13.21?

    Hope you are having the time of your life! Miss you guys!

    • Hey Colleen and Tom! This comment made our night, haha! 1. Yes, much more is spent in a weekend at home than over the whole month here! 2. It was a trail map for hiking, not a road map! 3. We finally figured out the postage situation, expect a card soon 4. This activity took about 30 minutes and wasn’t worth the 13.21

      We are having a great time! Wish you guys were here with us 🙂

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