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We originally went to Indonesia planning to visit several islands, but we fell in love with Bali and spent all three weeks there.  We started with a couple of nights on the beach in Sanur and visited the temples of the south before heading to Ubud.  After Ubud we went North and then across the top to the east coast where Jason did a few SCUBA dives.  From there we spent a night at the Bali Safari Park, a present from Simone’s dad.  Our last week was spent back in Ubud eating amazing food, visiting schools, and getting to know the locals.  We had a great driver who showed us some lesser known temples as well as some of the big ones.  We absolutely loved the people, the culture and the food of Bali.  Its high on our list of places to return and although it gets mixed reviews, we say go!  Just try to get off the beaten path and see some of the lesser known areas.  You can find all of our posts on Bali HERE and be sure to check out our 10 Tips for Visiting Bali.

Trip Expenses

Our travel expenses for the month of February 2014.  This month we visited 3 countries; Bali, Singapore and Malaysia.  The most time was spent in Bali and the least in Singapore with just 3 nights.  While in Bali we hired a driver for several days to show us the sites and are very glad we did even though it added to the budget.  To get to Malaysia we took a very nice bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur where we stayed at a Marriott for 3 nights free by using hotel points.  Continue Reading



What an amazing place Bali was!  We originally planned to visit other islands in Indonesia, but stayed all 3 weeks on the island of Bali.  I truly enjoyed every minute and even learned to love the thousands of motorbikes, dogs everywhere and the constant “Taxi? Maybe tomorrow?”  The people were an absolute delight.  They are very happy and content as a whole.  The Hindu religion was fascinating to learn about and everyone was open to telling you about the offerings and celebrations.  I was able to visit 3 schools during our time there, one was a primary school whose headmaster Continue Reading

Balinese dances, Performances

We loved Ubud so much we ended up heading back to the area for our last 10 nights!  While in Ubud we were able to catch a couple of shows.  The traditional Balinese performances happen every night at several different venues throughout Ubud and are vividly animated by Continue Reading

The Bali Safari and Marine Park from our room

The Bali Safari and Marine Park from our room

We treated ourselves to a stay at the Mara River Lodge inside the Bali Safari and Marine Park.  The stay was thanks to Simone’s dad, who for Christmas gave us some money and told us it was to be used for something we really wanted to do, but that was out of our plan and budget.  This was it!  We arrived at the park and were picked up from the front in an Indiana Jones Continue Reading