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Central Park new york city

Central Park

Simone:  I have only been in New York City once, 20 years ago!  I remember the city being loud, dirty and crowded.  I was excited to spend some time in the city as an adult and so far I have been surprised to find the city cleaner and quieter than I remember.  This could be due to a few things.  We are staying in Continue Reading

Sunset, Ireland

A Beautiful Irish Sunset

Jason:  Ireland, the last country on our around the world trip, and one that I’ve wanted to visit ever since I was a young lad.  I grew up on the east coast of the U.S. in the state of New York and also lived in Massachusetts, two places largely populated with Irish people and their culture.  I know I can’t go by those experiences, after all, it was mixed with the culture of two of the east coasts biggest and most aggressive cities. The people so far are incredibly nice (as we have been told by many people) and the landscape is as green and lush as they say too.  I’m really excited to get to the west coast and see the dramatic coastline along this side of the Atlantic.  We haven’t heard any music yet but we plan on sitting in a pub, sipping on a Guinness, and listening to some good Irish Music. I can’t wait.

Simone: I have always wanted to go to Ireland.   The people, the music, the green scenery and, as I got older, the beer were all drawing me to this wonderful country.   We arrived at Dublin airport and picked up our rental car to head south.  Our first nights would be at an Air BNB along the coast south of Dublin.  Everyone has been very nice so far, living up to the hype we have heard from around the world about Ireland having such nice people.  The roads appear to be very good, scenery every bit as green as we thought, and the coastline is beautiful.  I can’t wait to explore this country and of course find a few pubs to try out the Guinness!



The Crowded Walking Streets Of Brighton

Simone’s First Impression:

WOW there are a lot of people here!  What a change from the empty roads of Scotland.  As soon as we crossed the border on the motorway there were cars everywhere and really fast drivers.  It almost feels as though we are back in the US.  It was so busy that we were not able to find a place to stay in the first town we tried.  Luckily we found an amazing B&B just outside of Continue Reading

Edinburgh, Scotland, RTW, Travel

Looking out over Edinburgh

Simone’s First Impression Scotland is a place that I have always wanted to visit.  My grandfather was born there and I always felt the desire to visit.  We arrived in Edinburgh and were immediately intrigued.  Our Air B&B apartment is just steps from the royal mile in the heart of the old town.  An amazing location and a beautifully renovated place, we are only the third guests.  We were welcomed with a bottle of wine, box of chocolates and Continue Reading

copenhagen, denmark

Simone’s First Impression

Denmark is another country that wasn’t on our original list.  We added it after we booked the cruise to Norway because our Australian friends that we met in Alaska were going to be there and it worked in perfectly to hop over from Amsterdam to see them for a few days.  Coming from Amsterdam we had high hopes for Copenhagen.  My first impression was that is was much Continue Reading