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We spent 2 weeks in Malaysia after crossing the border by first class bus from Singapore, a great first land crossing.  Our first 3 nights were spent in Kuala Lumpur, where we had 3 nights free at the Marriott with views of the Petronas Towers, a perk of using our Marriott Credit Card.  From Kuala Lumpur we headed north by bus to the Cameron Highlands, a region known for their tea production.  We learned all about the process of making tea on a great day tour and enjoyed some delicious Indian and Chinese foods.  From Cameron Highlands we again took a bus to the Island of Penang.  We stayed in Georgetown and enjoyed time with friends as well as searching for street art.  The street art in Georgetown was the highlight of our time in Malaysia.  We stayed at a great hotel called the Apollo Inn and really didn’t want to leave!  Our last stop in Malaysia was the Island of Langkawi where we relaxed for a few nights before heading into Thailand by ferry.  Check out our time in Malaysia here.

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Modern Housing Towering Over Old Clan Jetty Houses

As we had said in our earlier posts on Street Food and Street Art, Penang is full of things to see and places to explore.  We spent much of our time walking the streets of Georgetown, but also got out to see other parts of the island by way of the city bus.  This is a cheep alternative to taking a taxi as long as you give yourself ample time to get somewhere.

As we said in our earlier post on Street Food, our hotel was perfect.  We stayed at the Apollo Inn just down the street from Continue Reading

ernest zacharevic penang

The street art around Penang is amazing.  We’re not sure how long the wrought iron art work has been around but the murals done by Lithuanian born artist Ernest Zacharevic have been around since 2012.  There are paintings of characters and people on the walls of buildings, some of which are incorporated with real items such as a motorcycle, rope or a bicycle to give a 3D effect.  Both the wrought iron and paintings are so famous there’s even a Continue Reading

Street Food Cart in Penang

Street Food Cart

Georgetown is a Unesco World Cultural Heritage site and the capital of the state of Penang, an island situated just across the bridge from Mainland Malaysia.  This is also the capital of street food in Malaysia.  This place has it all, from simple Chinese bread and dim sum to Indian Rotis and curries.  You want Japanese, they’ve got it, how about Armenian food, it’s there.  Each one within walking distance to the other and they are all within the newly established boarders of Continue Reading