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Koh Lanta ,Thailand fishing boat

Thai Fishing Boat

We had 19 days to explore Thailand and left with mixed feelings.  We didn’t fall in love with it, but did fall in love with certain places.  We really enjoyed our time in Ko Lanta, a small island off the southwest of Thailand.  Jason did a few dives, we snorkeled and learned how to cook Thai food.  Ko Lanta was the perfect place to explore using a motorbike, with quiet roads and never ending beauty.  We also really enjoyed our time up North in Chiang Mai.  We stayed in the walled city and loved all the great food, including street food and lots of vegetarian options.  We took another cooking class in Chiang Mai and loved visiting the street fairs.  Many places in Thailand were over run with tourists and just too busy for us.  We weren’t able to connect with the locals and actually found that many people did not speak English.  Bangkok was a whirlwind and way too busy for us, although we did find some great food.  Read all about our time in Thailand here.

Fish in Thailand

Tons of fish! Most of these were baited in though

While on Koh Lanta, we wanted to get out and see some of the surrounding islands that we had heard so much about.  Since Jason was going diving in a different spot, we thought we’d both go out on a trip the day before. The one we chose was a kayak/snorkel package to four of the popular islands south of Koh Lanta.  We left from the pier on a big old boat full of predominantly English-speaking people and a crew that spoke very limited English.  The boat trip itself was Continue Reading