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Trip ExpensesWow, our travel expenses this month were HIGH!  The crazy part is it would have been even more if we hadn’t had a free place to stay for 12 nights and some of our meals paid for while in China.  This is our most expensive month since leaving Australia back in January.  We were extremely caught off guard with the prices in China; items like taxis and hotels as well as activities were comparable to western prices.  Continue Reading

Ha Long Bay

The Karst Formations Went On Forever

We spent 3 wonderful days and 2 nights on HaLong Bay.  After hearing mixed reviews and some horror stories about the cruises on HaLong Bay, we decided to splurge and pay a little more for a cruise that was recommended by an Australian couple that Jason had met in Ho Chi Min.  We went with Handspan travel and cruised the bay on the Treasure Junk.  The cruise was $284 each and included Continue Reading
Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam

Eat:  There is some great food in Hoi An, and a wide variety as well.  We found that food across the bridge on An Hoi Island was cheaper than in the old town area.  There is an excellent restaurant called the Red Gecko located on Nguyen Hoang, which we ate at four times.  The wonderful owner (who happened to be vegetarian) and her staff all family warmly welcomed us each time we stopped in.  The prices here are about a third Continue Reading

Check out our inspiring travelers for this month!  We met the awesome family of Taking the Big Break while in Singapore and spent the day sharing stories and tips while touring the city.  The boys were excited to tell us all about their travels and we were so impressed by their knowledge and articulation.  Check out their blog here and don’t miss Lorenzo’s section (The Lo Down) where he posts from a kids perspective.

Kathrin, Nathan, Lorenzo,  and Elio

Kathrin, Nathan, Lorenzo, and Elio in Japan

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Trip Expenses

Our travel expenses for the month of February 2014.  This month we visited 3 countries; Bali, Singapore and Malaysia.  The most time was spent in Bali and the least in Singapore with just 3 nights.  While in Bali we hired a driver for several days to show us the sites and are very glad we did even though it added to the budget.  To get to Malaysia we took a very nice bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur where we stayed at a Marriott for 3 nights free by using hotel points.  Continue Reading