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Sunset at Nanuya

Fiji was our first stop after leaving Alaska.  After a long day of flying we finally arrived to paradise.  Although we had a bit of a rough start we really enjoyed our time there.  The water and sea life was amazing.  We were able to swim with the giant manta rays, a once in a lifetime experience.  The people were very friendly and their culture shined through.  We spent most of our time split between two islands in the Yasawas and then a couple nights on the main island. Check out more on our time in Fiji by clicking here.

Now that we had been at the resort in the Yasawas for a couple of days and worked out the vegetarian eating situation with the kitchen for Simone, we began to settle in and got used to Fijian cooking.  When traveling to new places you just have to find out what the people are used to cooking and what meats and veggies are local.  A burger in Fiji is not a burger you’d expect to get in most places.  When in Fiji, stick with the fish if you want meat.  We had set times for eating all meals, but this was turning out to be good for us since we had just come off a cruise where food was at our fingertips all the time.  It wouldn’t hurt for us to eat a little less for a while.

Having lunch with Fluffy, the resident cat

Having lunch with Fluffy, the resident cat

We would end up spending five nights on Manta Ray Island where the workers were incredibly friendly and remembered everyone’s name Continue Reading