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Hours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: Bikes and Street Art

There is so much to see and do in Amsterdam.  We had 3 nights, 2 full days or about 48 hours in Amsterdam to soak it all in.  We aren’t real city people and honestly didn’t think Amsterdam would be our kind of place.  We ended up really loving our time there and would definitely head back.  Here is how we spent our 48 hours Continue Reading

The Beautiful Countryside Of The Netherlands

The Beautiful Countryside Of The Netherlands

Simone’s First Impression
I feel like I’ve just entered an episode of Leave it to Beaver!  This place is so quaint and peaceful, everyone is riding a bike and I haven’t noticed one person without a smile on their face!  We arrived in Amsterdam from Italy and took our rental car north to Purmerend about 30 minutes from the airport.  Our friends at taking the big break hooked us up with an awesome 3 story apartment with a rooftop deck!  They had stayed only nights before and introduced us to the owner, who is currently traveling in Nepal, via email.  The place is huge, clean and has a well stocked kitchen to cook in.  We decided to spend our first days here exploring the area north of Amsterdam and were blown away by the beautiful small towns that scatter the area.  We happened upon some windmills that had been turned into homes, fields of flowers and people of every shape, size and age riding a bike. What a magical place!
Jason’s First Impression

I don’t know what I expected Holland to be like.  Hearing stories about Amsterdam’s famous red light district and their relaxed laws for Marijuana, one tends to think that the areas around Amsterdam would probably be a little rough.  We were staying just twenty to thirty minutes outside of the city of temptation but there were no signs of anything like that.  In fact, it was quite the opposite, with quiet towns full of very friendly people and farms as far as you could see.  The landscape is beautiful and filled with cows and sheep to make the cheese that the Dutch are so famous for.  Luckily we rented a car and will be able to explore the roads at our own pace.  So far Holland is looking good.  The only temptation I see are the giant cheese wheels that I want to eat.