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Mt. Ruapehu

Mt. Ruapehu

Most people have a hard time answering the question “where is your favorite place?”  Not us!  We loved our 2.5 months in New Zealand.  Even with the constant rain, we truly enjoyed every minute in this beautiful country.  It is the place we would go back to in a heartbeat.  The people were amazing!  Everyone wants to share their favorite places with you and give you advice on where to go.  The scenery was stunning from mountains to forests to beaches, New Zealand has it all.  We spent time on both islands, including a 5 week housesit on the north island.  We toured the south island by camper van and were able to see so much during those 3 weeks.  We visited in Spring, which meant flowers, lambs, ducklings and beautiful green landscapes.  We also saw snow on the mountains and even camped in the snow at the base of Mt Cook for a few nights. Highlights of our time there included a sightseeing cruise on Milford Sound, Canyoning in Abel Tasman National park and hiking the Queen Charlotte track with 150km/h winds!  Our advice….GO!!!  Find our posts and tips for New Zealand here 


It’s “Inspiring Travelers” time again and this month our guests are Joost and Anique from Holland.  We met the lovely couple in Wanaka on New Zealand’s south island while at a caravan park.  We really enjoyed talking with them and trading travel tips back and forth.  They gave us some great tips about New Zealand’s south island and after keeping in touch in the months to come, some great tips about traveling in southeast asia.  From hiking the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand to camping in the jungles of Continue Reading

Six Months!

Six Months!

We have hit a milestone!  We have been traveling for 6 months.  Can you believe it?  We can’t!  Time has flown by and we can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings as we head out of our comfort zones and head into Asia.

Counties Visited: 5 plus one US State-Alaska, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia

Modes of Travel: Trains, Ferries, Cruise Ship, Boats, Buses, Cars, Camper vans, Planes and Taxis

Accommodations: Hotels, B&B’s, Cabins, Cottages, Camper Vans, Houses, Apartments, Ship, Motels, and Hostels

Items lost: Just 1-Jasons sunglasses went into a river


This month we had 10 days in New Zealand before flying to Australia for the last 20 days.  We knew that Australia was going to be expensive, quite possibly the most expensive country we would visit.  For our monthly expenses we were hoping for around $200 a day, but went over quite a bit.  This was mostly for one reason, a campervan fiasco that we will tell you about soon.  This issue cost us nearly $2000 and about $1500 is reflected in this month’s budget.  Fuel was considerably cheaper in Australia, about a $1 less a liter, but camping so far has been more expensive (Under $30 in New Zealand to close to $40/night in Australia).  Continue Reading

New Zealand has taken the honor of being the “Nicest Place” we’ve ever been.  Not only for its amazing scenery, but also for its people. We have truly lived the dream here and below is just a little wrap up and ten things we learned and loved about New Zealand, the land of the Kiwi (which is a fruit, a bird, and a person). Continue Reading