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A Chiang Mai Taxi

A Chiang Mai Taxi

We went from Ko Lanta to Aonong Beach near Krabi for 2 nights before flying up to Chiang Mai in the North.  The flight was just over 1 hour and much easier than a bus or train.  We originally booked for 2 nights, not sure if we would like it or not.  We ended up staying 7 nights and we really enjoyed our time.  We didn’t do a ton and actually skipped many of the tourist things.

Some of the things we really enjoyed were the following: Continue Reading

Street Food Cart in Penang

Street Food Cart

Georgetown is a Unesco World Cultural Heritage site and the capital of the state of Penang, an island situated just across the bridge from Mainland Malaysia.  This is also the capital of street food in Malaysia.  This place has it all, from simple Chinese bread and dim sum to Indian Rotis and curries.  You want Japanese, they’ve got it, how about Armenian food, it’s there.  Each one within walking distance to the other and they are all within the newly established boarders of Continue Reading