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Angkor Wat from Phnom Bakheng

Angkor Wat from Phnom Bakheng

With the heat blazing at temperatures around 35 degrees celsius (95 degrees fahrenheit) with close to 50 percent humidity we opted for a schedule unlike most while touring the Angkor temples.  We started each day leaving our hotel at 5:30 a.m. and returned between 11:30 and 12:30.  We did this to avoid the Continue Reading

Our Taxi From The Airport in Siem Reap

Our Taxi From The Airport


As you travel through Southeast Asia, everything starts to blend together into one big stir-fry. On our way to the hotel as we weaved in and out of traffic in the tuk-tuk trying to avoid collisions at the intersections where nobody stops, we got a feel for the place right away.  The people seem extremely nice, warm-hearted and like our other stops in Southeast Asia, have good family values and a good sense of community.  The children have big smiles on their faces and love to run around with the “clothing optional” mindset that you might find on South Beach in Miami.  Just like Bali, Malaysia and Continue Reading

A Chiang Mai Taxi

A Chiang Mai Taxi

We went from Ko Lanta to Aonong Beach near Krabi for 2 nights before flying up to Chiang Mai in the North.  The flight was just over 1 hour and much easier than a bus or train.  We originally booked for 2 nights, not sure if we would like it or not.  We ended up staying 7 nights and we really enjoyed our time.  We didn’t do a ton and actually skipped many of the tourist things.

Some of the things we really enjoyed were the following: Continue Reading



What an amazing place Bali was!  We originally planned to visit other islands in Indonesia, but stayed all 3 weeks on the island of Bali.  I truly enjoyed every minute and even learned to love the thousands of motorbikes, dogs everywhere and the constant “Taxi? Maybe tomorrow?”  The people were an absolute delight.  They are very happy and content as a whole.  The Hindu religion was fascinating to learn about and everyone was open to telling you about the offerings and celebrations.  I was able to visit 3 schools during our time there, one was a primary school whose headmaster Continue Reading