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All in all we ended up spending three weeks in Vietnam, traveling from the South to the North.  Overall we didn’t really like Vietnam, although we met lots of people who were really enjoying their time there.  It seemed you either loved it or hated it and unfortunately we fell mostly into the latter.  We met some great people along the way and saw some beautiful places.  We are happy we went, but can’t imagine going back anytime soon.  The biggest issue we had was Continue Reading

This months inspiring travelers are Shawn and Carmel from The Journey Itself.  They started their Round the World trip about a month after us in September of 2013.   Since they started from a different direction we were able to follow them and get tips on places we would visit in the coming months.  We were impressed from the start with their love for food and a good craft beer! We found them inspiring from the get go with their honest writing, adventures in Mongolia and a several day motorbike tour through Vietnam.  We hope you enjoy their responses and pop over to their blog to see more.

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Ha Long Bay

The Karst Formations Went On Forever

We spent 3 wonderful days and 2 nights on HaLong Bay.  After hearing mixed reviews and some horror stories about the cruises on HaLong Bay, we decided to splurge and pay a little more for a cruise that was recommended by an Australian couple that Jason had met in Ho Chi Min.  We went with Handspan travel and cruised the bay on the Treasure Junk.  The cruise was $284 each and included Continue Reading

Trip ExpensesOur first 10 days were spent in Cambodia and the rest of the month was spent traveling through Vietnam from the South to the North.  We took 2 flights this month, both in Vietnam.  One flight was from DaLat to DaNang and one from DaNang to Hanoi.  We took several buses in both Cambodia and Vietnam.  We had motorbike rentals in Kampot, Cambodia and Mui Ne, Vietnam. Continue Reading

Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam

Eat:  There is some great food in Hoi An, and a wide variety as well.  We found that food across the bridge on An Hoi Island was cheaper than in the old town area.  There is an excellent restaurant called the Red Gecko located on Nguyen Hoang, which we ate at four times.  The wonderful owner (who happened to be vegetarian) and her staff all family warmly welcomed us each time we stopped in.  The prices here are about a third Continue Reading