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  1. Oh, sorry to hear you didn’t like it 🙁 I’m really looking forward to checking Vietnam out. I realize they’re a little pushy, moody, grumpy, but I’m okay with all of that. Been in some Middle Eastern countries where they were downright harsh. Even arrested me for no reason. Don’t think it could get any worse lol (hope not) I’ll keep the cities you mentioned in mind. What I like about posts like these is they give you the warning signs to look out for–I appreciate you sharing them (as well as your good experiences).

    Safe travels..
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  2. Wow, am absolutely amazed by your views on Vietnam. This is my second visit in 18 months and both times I have been blown away by the friendliness and generousity of the Vietnamese people. Every hotel (bar one which was run by a couple of guys from Holland) have given service we couldn’t have gotten from a 5 star hotel (and we stop in budget ones), the last one giving my partner lunch when I was on a tour, and giving both of us a farewell mid afternoon tea the day before we left. One student took us on a tour in HCMC on his only day off, bought us cake, took us to a BBQ restaurant with his girlfriend and wanted to pay! We have had this generousity in every town and city we have stopped in – we are 4 weeks into our Vietnamese leg and have reached Hue – we love it so much we keep extending in each city! I’m sorry you didn’t have such a good time, you really must have picked some terrible places to stay to have such bad experiences. I hope your luck improves 🙂
    Oh – just so you don’t think we see everything through rose tinted glasses we are fed up off constantly being asked to buy something – but we say ‘no thank you’ and move on. The only negative we have come across.

    • Its amazing how the same place can be so different for different people. We truly believe its who you run into along the way. Nice people can make a place amazing and rude people can truly ruin a place. Nice to hear a differing opinion on Vietnam. It seems people either love it or hate it

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